My name is Justin Danks, I am a designer. I have my bachelors in Media Design with a concentration in print & I am currently finishing up my Graduates Degree in Information System Technologies: Internet and Web Design from Wilmington University.

I love CSS, more specifically SASS, and I am a firm advocate of having CSS control the presentational layer often as possible. This means CSS3 based animations, transformations, transitions & any other presentational interaction.

I work as part of a small development team at ism for the past year and a half. As part of the team, I lead the User Experience Design, User Interface Design & Web Design. At ism I have had the pleasure of designing the interface for a windows based desktop application, Designing and implementing the User Interface and User Experience for our custom built content management system while implementing a soft redesign on our marketing site. Needless to say, I love what I do and I have a very deep passion for Experience and Interface Design.

Feel free to get in touch, you you can see what I am working on via dribbble or behance, what I am listening to on rdio, peruse my photos on instagram, or follow my progress on team treehouse. Not to mention, you can always email me at email me any time with questions.